From Black Voices — Steve Harvey took to his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday (Jan.24) to address salacious allegations his ex-wife,Mary Shackelford‘s posted via YouTube videos about the ‘King of Comedy’ being a serial cheater who left her for his current wife,Marjorie Bridges Harvey.

Since their 2005 divorce, Shackelford claimed that she now has nothing, as Harvey also has full custody of their 15-year-old son,Wynton.

Now, the New York Times Bestselling author’s current wife has retained an attorney to fight the allegations that she was the other woman, something that she said has left her both “shocked and dismayed.”

Mrs. Harvey is pursuing a lawsuit against Shackelford.

“As a wife and a mother, I cannot stand back and allow the defamation of my character or actions that will malign my family,” the philanthropist said in a statement released through her attorney C. Anthony Mulrain, exclusively relaesed to BlackVoices.com.

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  • Another soap opera at our own expense.

  • this is insane

    I remember reading an article where Steve said he and his current wife had met a while back but both of them were involved in relationships, then they ran into each other again and weren’t attached. Cut me some slack Steve. See people who lie alot cant remember what they said, then because their heart is so wicked they try to say nice things but at the same time putting their foot in their mouth. The bottom line is Steve inadvertantly admitted he knew his current wife possibly before he was divorced from Mary. That love for money is consuming his wicked soul. This new wife better sleep with one eye half shut while the other is closed.

  • Lisa

    Is giving mind blowing head considered “philanthropy” now? Sit down and shut up Marjorie.

  • Wow….so many judgmental people so little time. The only ones that truly know what are going on in this situation are Steve, Marjorie and maybe Mary…..it is unfortunate that this situation could NOT be handled privately amongst themselves. It is not a good look regardless to the circumstances surrounding the end of the marriage, for things to be at this point. There are children involved and that seems to be forgotten by all the negative comments flying around all over the place….