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  • i like so luv dis video, it made me cry the thirty times ive seen dis, cuz im gay nd it is so sad, i hope whenever i make it as a singer(hopefully soon).

  • Anonymous

    Definitely a conversation piece…is this video getting play (beyond this blog)? Have any of your friends discussed this video with you? Any not so positive responses?

  • twigstudios

    Awesome song. Powerful video. People this makes no sense. Hatred is a disease. End this. Please.

  • Andy

    As an inspired musician/singer/song writer, i love the fact that marsha was able to cope with the loss of her good friend by writing a song about him. I really appreciate her as an artist for singing this jam cause it connects with those out there who have gone through the same hardships of being bullied and have lost a friend to suicide. It must be tough to perform it as well… What i dont get is that people are making this vidoe controversal just cause of the fact the men in it are gay. You got a homegirl here spreading a message of her grief, equal treatment towards others and the values of life. And pinche homophobes are worried about the guy kissing in the video. This is a true story, real life, and a tragic death. And any artist that decides to sing about reality deserves major props for having the cajones to do so. If you cant comprehend point the jam. dont say shit sbout it. Marsha do your thing sweetheart.