A Facebook page created for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center was recently vandalized with some unfaithful photos.

The page displays photos of Dr. King from the center, based in Atlanta, and also disturbing racial imagery, including a photo that uses the N-word and several pictures that display fried chicken.

The Facebook page represents King as a public figure and it is unknown who is behind the vandalism. New pictures have been added frequently over the course of yesterday’s national observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

The page currently has over 825,000 likes.

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  • Intellblackman

    These devils won’t even let the poor man rest in peace in death!!!

  • Tamara

    Thank you Rev. Dr. King jr. for the life you lived to serve as yet another Christ like example- to love the unlovely. For a King Celebrate- Happy Birthday I won’t forget!

  • Just for the record, the page in question was NOT owned by the King Center in Atlanta, which I know because I’m currently the administrator of the King Center’s page. However, we have spoken with Facebook directly and the issue is now resolved.

  • Very typical and I wouldn’t except any more from them. Don’t be fooled ladies, just because people smile in your face doesn’t make them your friend. Choose who will be in your circle wisely.