After six days of preliminary hearings, a Los Angeles County judge ruled that Michael Jackson’s former physician, Conrad Murray, will stand trail for involuntary manslaughter.

During the preliminary hearing, which included testimony from forensic experts, EMS officials, and former Jackson employees, Judge Michael Pastor ruled that there was sufficient evidence to warrant the involuntary manslaughter charge.  Judge Pastor also ordered Murray to surrender his medical license until the outcome of the trial is resolved.

Recently, Dr. Murray’s lawyers have been hinting at alleging that Michael Jackson was responsible for his own death by claiming the King of Pop injected himself with a lethal dose of Propofol. However, prosecutors assert Dr. Murray is to blame for the singer’s death.

During the six-day hearing, phone records showed Murray chatted on his phone and sent text messages when he should have been tending to Jackson. A security guard also testified that Murray instructed him to remove IV bags from Jackson’s room.

The Los Angeles County medical examiner found that Jackson died of an overdose of Propofol, which prosecutors say should have never been in his home.

If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray could face up to four years in prison.


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