Thought the SB 1070 bill was only popular in Arizona? Guess again.

Mississippi has created it’s own version of the bill, the SB 2179, which was passed in the state’s Senate on Tuesday. The measure permits law enforcement officers to check an individual’s immigration status during a traffic stop or while enforcing other laws if they feel that the person is reasonably suspicious.

Mississippi has become the first state to follow up on passing a law similar to that of Arizona’s.

Sen. Joey Fillingane, a Republican, was a chief supporter for the bill and believes it’s an extreme improvement from the SB 1070, which made the check for illegal status a secondary routine.

“We did not want anyone to go out and start picking on or racial profiling people,” Fillingane told the Clarion-Ledger.

The new legislation also makes it a state crime to be stopped and caught without immigration papers and allows law enforcement officers to arrest individuals that are “reasonably believed” to be undocumented without a warrant.

The bill is currently moving into the House as concerns are raised over Gov. Haley Barbour’s stance on the issue. In the past. Barbour noted that anti-immigration legislation is beneficial but also that he valued the contributions that immigrants have made to the state of Mississipi.

“I don’t think there’s any question that we had a tremendous number of people come in, and I have no doubt some of them weren’t here legally,” Barbour said, Fox News Latino reported. “I don’t know where we’d have been without them.”

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  • sloane

    oh please, this is just an excuse to racially profile people. why should someone have to have their immigration papers on them at all times? mississippi isn’t even that close to the mexican border (and you know that mexicans are the main target of this law). do they really think the cops won’t just come up with some nebulous justification for stopping and questioning people, most likely people of color, when their real purpose to enquire about their immigration status? how is this constitutional? eventually it will be proven that these laws condone racial profiling, then what are they going to do next? try to have people branded with their immigration status? this is despicable. why don’t these states leave this to ICE.

  • Brittanicus

    The majority of States are disturbed with relying on their own government, to enforce immigration laws. So they had no other choice but to enforce their own policing policies that’s accessible to them. Illegal immigration frothed over the top of this this inexorable issue in Arizona. Obama administration wouldn’t tolerate it, as it erodes their probability of volume future Democratic votes. Republicans are not excused because they have been apathetic to massive ferrying of cheap labor across the hazardous border or turning a blind eye to visa overstays; Alabama has coupled in the illegal immigration conundrum, adjoining other States that want to enforce stricter laws. Arizona became the summit of the Liberal Progressive wrath, so they have made the Grand Canyon State run the gauntlet of the federal courts. Only now Arizona is not isolated any more.

    If anything should be distressing to legal California residents is a compromised electoral vote; as in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and other States that remains silent to these travesties. California, Nevada is clogged with illegal foreign nationals, who are bleeding the soft state welfare dry.Under the 14th Amendment– especially is costing in everything from education, health care for birthright babies, but now is up for discussion as the billions of dollars being stealthily extracted from taxpayers without their consent. State deficits are sky-high because the Legislators are genuflecting to the corporate welfare and radical illegal immigrant groups. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS–do not have any problems, except they have joined the 9 million US workers without a job. While an estimated 8.5 million illegal workers have slipped through the enforcement cracks and stole jobs from legitimate citizens and residents. Billions are being spent to support these people, which should be going to lowering State and federal deficits. Americans can do the jobs, “that the people, don’t do” for a living wage and benefits. Over twenty years ago, who was employed in the work that Americans won’t do? My Grandfather, picked potatoes, cousins worked many jobs to put food on the table, while I worked in a McDonalds to afford my college fees?

    Businesses must be held accountable with painful retribution; not sleight of hand by moderate judges. Yesterday Alabama House awesomely passed, 73-to-28, an E-Verify measure that requires all businesses to check new hires through this new Attrition system. The bill also allows police to check the immigration status of individuals detained or arrested and requires confirmation of citizenship before receiving public benefits. A similar policing law to Arizona has been adopted by the State of Mississippi. .WITHOUT QUESTION, THOUSANDS WILL PULL UP THEIR ILLEGAL ROOTS AND HEAD FOR UNFORTUNATE STATES SUCH AS CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, UTAH AND NEVADA THAT HAS FAILED TO JOIN OTHER STATES ENACTING POLICING LAWS.

    Attn: (H.R.140) Ending Birthright citizenship is gaining momentum, adding two more co-sponsors to 73 additional sponsors. A new report From the Center of Immigration Studies Show that 57% of households headed by an immigrant with children under the age of 18 receive some form of welfare. Only 39% of native born households with children receive welfare services. Reps. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), David McKinley (R-W.V.), and Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) have added their names to the growing list of co-sponsors (29) for Rep. Phil Gingrey’s Nuclear Family Priority Act (H.R.692) that would end chain migration. H.R.692 would eliminate all family-preference visa classes, except for spouses and minor children.

    Two new bills would require the use of E-Verify by all employers. H.R.800 (E-LAW Act) introduced by Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) would require employers to verify all new hires and current employees within two years of enactment. It would also reinstate the No-Match program, which required the Social Security Administration to notify employers and individuals. More information available to halt illegal immigration at NumbersUSA, The TEA PARTY has zoomed to the forefront with millions of joining this partially splinter group from the Republican usual stance in Washington. Find your place in your local TEA PARTY, because YOU are the legal people who live in the United States.

  • robert flores

    las estadisticas del censo 2010,2000;1990,nos dice que los latinos crecimos mas del 200%eso quiere decir que el 80%de todos los ninos nacidos en california son de decendencia latina,mientras la populacion blanca no crecio1%,eso significa queel promedio de la populacion blanca es de 60anos mientras que la de los latinos es 18 a 30por eso muy pronto los cuidadanos latinos seremos la mayoria con el poder del votoy con este poder seremos responsables atoda la humanidad todos somos de carne y hueso.