Brett Reese, member of the Greely-Evans School District 6 Board of Education in Colorado, is throwing major shade at a man who has been nationally recognized as one of the most revolutionary civil rights activists of our time.

Reese is actively broadcasting an attack against King  on his private 104.7 FM radio show that was submitted by one of his listeners. The broadcast claims that King is a “just a sexual degenerate, an America-hating communist and a criminal betrayer of even the interest of his own people.”

Reese also stated that “His name isn’t really Martin Luther King Jr.”

When Reese was asked whether or not his broadcast was an appropriate one to be made by a school board member he responded, “It’s … you know what? That’s a good question.”

His colleagues don’t agree. According to the Denver Post, Tobias Guzman, chairman of the Human Relations Commission for Greeley, believe it’s inappropriate and unfortunate that Reese is using the letter to perpetuate hate into the American community.

“He’s continually putting anger in the minds of people and hate in the minds of people, and it’s unfortunate that that is his method of operation,” Guzman said.

Yet Reese defends his stance on the pubic broadcast. “I guess, personally, I believe in the message, the general message of what this letter is about,” Reese said.

He has been on air for three years and recently began broadcasting twice a day. Although there have been several calls for his resignation from the school board, he plans to continue broadcasting the commentary every day up until the national observance holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. on January 17th.

Watch the news report and sound off!

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  • Laila Apples

    some of what dude said was true but he still sounds like a racist.

    • marais morris

      martin luther king was not a communist although a man who was closely affiliated with the movement WAS actually forced to resign once it was discovered that HE was a communist. but martin luther king was not. and mlk’s name was, at first, michael, and was later changed to martin luther. so that part is true. when this man says that king was sexual degenerate, he might be referring to the fact that king had some extra marital goings ons which no one in the black community really cared about since we were not allowed to even sit at a lunch counter, were being lynched in droves, could not stay in any hotels or motels and had to sleep in our cars on long distance trips, etc., etc., etc. so when we discovered that someone had bugged a hotel room where mlk was staying and another woman [not his wife] hadbeen there too, this story hit the airwaves back in the sixties. however, black people just did not care about this story because it was just as stupid to us, all of whom had bigger fish to fry. so it is unclear to me why this man is so hung up on this fifty year old information. does he think this stale info will make us love mlk any less? the only thing objectionable in that man’s speech is the word “degenerate”, something mlk NEVER was. see, “degenerate” is reserved for J. Edgar Hoover who used to dress in women’s clothing and had a lover named clyde for years while investigating mlk. ironically, that is where this radio guy got his information in the first place — FROM J. EDGAR HOOVER who used to bug mlk’s hotel rooms and literally stalk him trying to unearth negative information about him all the while the biggest degenerate was j. edgar hoover himself. serial sexual killers are degenerates so maybe this guy should talk about the BTK killer, john wayne gacy, jeffrey dahmer, etc. degenerates are those who lynched black men and then were still so filled with rage that they CATRATED them also. and forgetting the killers and just dealing with degenerates, what about roman polanski and the 13 year old, woody allen and his daughter, the entire show TO CATCH A PREDATOR. senator ensign, governor sanford, spitzer, arnold schwartzenegger, or even that senator from out west with the “wide stance”. the term “degenerate” might even be applied to the man who is on the radio speaking ill of mlk because no one knows his story yet either.

    • marais morris

      typing so fast, i forgot to continue a sentence after the word “sixties” and the word “however” should have been omitted. i also misspelled “CASTRATED”. if there are any other errors, it is due mainly to my rushing and typing too quickly. i apologize.

  • Tiffy

    @ Marais Morris thank you you should send that exact comment in a letter to this man, I hope he losses his job than he will know people don’t support hate speech because he doesn’t have to call somebody a “N*****” to be a racist

  • E

    My 7th grade Honors Geography teacher called Martin Luther King, Jr. a jerk because he was an adulterer. My 7th grade Honors Geography class consisted of mostly 1st generation Americans, our parents immigrating from Africa, Asia & South America. We wrote him a letter telling him how offensive we found his statement, told our principal and demanded an apology in front of the class.

    He apologized the next day.

    People will have their own opinions about everything, including historical figures, and not everyone knows the appropriate venue for expressing their ideas. What is important is that we teach our children to be able to discern between fact & opinion. For a group of minority 12 year old students, we were a lot more mature than our teacher.

  • intelligentbeauty

    he needs to be forced to resign!!!!!!!!!!!