From Frugivore Magazine — Have you ever been in the club counting calories after your third vodka and pineapple juice?  I bet you thought that the fruit juice that was the culprit in packing on those dreaded pounds.  Even though alcohol consumption is a small part of what causes weight gain, in relation to all other forms liquid calories, sans water, it seems some concerned alcohol industry heads want consumers to know what constituents their favorite spirit.

In a Canadian Press article, Michelle Locke reported on a beer and wine distributor who wants nutritional labels placed on all alcoholic beverages.  Guy Smith, executive vice-president in North America for Diageo, was quoted as saying, “In the year 2011, it’s sort of bizarre that alcohol’s the only consumable product sold in the United States that you can’t tell what’s inside the bottle.”

Alcohol is a substance that finds its way into a myriad of controversies that commonly involve over-consumption and recklessness, a striking similarity to human food behaviors.  The fast-food industry fought against labeling of their high caloric items, but it turned out to not affect sales throughout the country.

So, why would some of leading industry players want to self-imposed a tag on their lucrative racket.

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