• Raven looks great, but this outfit is not it. I’m not liking the attached belt on the skirt and the shoes are all wrong.

  • Bronze

    She feels awkward in her new skin. I hope they get a life coach to help her with the transition.

  • Girl Charlie

    There’s no denying that she looks healthy and happy! Her new size is great, even though she looked good before too! I just don’t like the dress. It could have been just a wee bit shorter, just a tad, yes?

  • jones

    I am happy for her because loosing weight is a challenge. Is she 20 something? She looks much older in that pic…she could pass for 40 something. She looks great body wise because she has lost the excess weight…but she doesn’t look as young in the face.

  • i think she looks great,
    her body is great now
    i think she should be casted for so many other things
    that “they wouldnt” have allowed her to do before
    she is so positve, bubbly and a true role model-even for me!

    outfit is fab, she is beautiful and i think she needs to stay at this weight! its loveluy