From Black Web 2.0 — On January 11th, 2011 we witnessed the return of The Game. The show was cancelled by CW back in 2009 and, after two years in syndication, was eventually picked up by BET. Its return saw the show as the #1 ad-supported sitcom telecast in cable TV history. 7.7 million total viewers tuned in with a 4.87 coverage rating according to the Nielsen Company. The premier also ranks as the #2 telecast in BET history, right behind the ‘09 BET Awards where celebs paid tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson.

“We are thrilled to see our audience respond so well to THE GAME and LET’S STAY TOGETHER,” said Debra L. Lee, Chairman and CEO of BET Networks. “It is clear these two shows are real game changers for the Network and the proven success of last night tells us that our viewers are not only passionate about the types of programming that we offer, but continue to crave on-air programming that reflects and respects our voices.”

Loretha Jones, President of Original Programming at BET Networks, said “as we look forward to our development pipeline, it’s clear scripted will continue to play an important role in our original programming slate to tell more of our stories that truly resonate with our audience.” Interestingly, much of that that audience seems to also be active in social media.

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  • a/n

    Ive watched this show a few times & couldn’t stomach it. I really gave this show a chance & it just was not happening. However, Im glad others are happy this show is one of the few if any who has a dominant african american cast. I agree that we should have more black shows or other sitcoms of people from different cultures on tv (w/o the ignorance & common stereotypes). I miss great shows like Moesha, Different World, Fresh Prince, The Parkers, Martin, Living SIngle, One on One. These were all great shows & had their time. I wish the younger generation would know what these shows were because they are missing out on aIot.

    • a/n

      btw: forgot to mention Family Matters :)

    • kekes

      You just brought me back to most of the shows I watched growing up. There were even more black shows geared towards kids/teens: Sister sister, Smart Guy (later Disney also had the Proud Family), My Brother and Me, Gullah Gullah Island, etc. I havent watched nick or disney in years but I wouldnt be surprised if a lack of mostly black-cast shows nowadays as well.

      side note: Somebody had the audacity to ask me why Sister sister wasnt called “sista, sista” because it focused on black siblings X (. I just had to share that moment somewhere…

    • KristinaAmira

      I totally agree with you. I gave it a chance and just turns out, they can’t act and the story line didn’t tempt me. Also I felt it needed some music during the show and a louder laugh track to show what lines were jokes. I miss those shows too, but since TV has taken over by reality TV, those shows are the past.

    • African Mami

      @ a/n

      Thank you for mentioning ‘Living Single’. Oh my goodness. That was a show and a half. The guy with the dreads and baritone silky voice had me on another level. One of the best if not the greatest shows ever!!!!

  • oknow

    love the game.. will continue to watch.. i admit it was obviously different from when they were on the CW but i’m rooting for them all the way..

  • Gigi Young

    Seems everyone has forgotten about UnderCovers…

  • i enjoyed the show even the drama sometimes runs up my blood pressure. However is it just me or did the acting get worst well besides Melanie and Derwin, but it just seems that everybody either got cornier or they were over acting…….Besides this the show was great and full of drama as usual and I am so proud of the cast and Mara Brock Akil for giving us such great shows such as girlfriends and the game. On another note i sure would like to see BET finish girlfriends and at least give them a final episode and maybe bring Jill Marie Jones back. :)