Well, well, well…even Stevie Wonder saw this one coming.

Mary Harvey, Steve Harvey’s former wife of 16 years, recently decided to break her silence about their failed marriage and share her side of the story. And let’s just say it’s not looking too good for the self-proclaimed relationship guru.

In a video released on YouTube today, Mary Harvey let the word know that Steve Harvey isn’t living up to his own hype. Instead of being the God-fearing, respectable dude he purports to be, according to Mary, he’s little more than a serial cheater. I guess Bro. Steve was right. God is soooo not through with him yet.

Let us all say, “Amen.”

Mary begins the video by sharing a story about the birth of their son, Wynton, and how the stress of almost losing her son was exacerbated by the knowledge that her husband was having an affair.

According to Mary, Steve cheated on her throughout their relationship. One mistress was even bold enough to send her a letter… on the couple’s second wedding anniversary. #welldamn

In the video Mary shares how she and Steve went from rags to riches, expressed her goal to stay married to Steve and provide a stable family for her son, and explains how she dealt with the groupies who started showing up when Steve’s fame started to rise.

One of the biggest bombs dropped in the video, however, was the revelation that Steve carried on an affair with his current wife, Marjorie, while he was still married to Mary. And on top of that, Marjorie had the audacity to call the former couple’s home several times.

Although it is unclear why Mary Harvey decided to air out the couple’s dirty laundry now, her words seem sincere. Perhaps she is tired of seeing Steve being hailed as a relationship expert and advising wayward women how to get and keep a man when he allegedly has a problem living up to his own wedding vows. Or maybe, she is just trying to turn lemons into very expensive lemonade; complete with her own book deal and TV show appearances.

Either way we can’t wait to see what Mary will say next. Stay tuned!

Watch Mary Harvey’s YouTube Video and read the letter from one of Steve’s mistresses below!


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