We have a new entry into the “WTF files.” A comatose Las Vegas teenager was given a jaywalking ticket as she was being rushed into life-saving surgery.

13 year-old Takara Davis was struck by a car when she was walking home from school on Tuesday. As she was being rushed into the operating room, her mother says a police officer handed her a jaywalking ticket and informed her that her daughter—who was fighting for her life—needed to appear in court.

“He said, ‘Takara was jaywalking. She has got to go to court on March 6th,'” said Kellie Obong, Davis’ mother. “If she was jaywalking, then she was jaywalking. But maybe you give it to me at a later time. Don’t give it to me when they are rushing her into the operating room.”


While Obong is willing to pay the ticket, she feels the police acted in poor taste. However, the Las Vegas Police Department defended its officer’s actions.

“Our officers conduct themselves in a professional and compassionate way. We wouldn’t do anything deliberately insensitive,” the LVPD said in a statement issue after the accident asserted.

Davis has been in a medically induced coma since the accident and her mother is praying for her recovery.

“Every time they (doctors) come in, they say that the bleeding hasn’t stopped on the brain,” Obong said. “She’s got no feeling of movement on her left side at all.”

Smooth move, Las Vegas PD. Smooth.

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