Well, it seems not everyone thinks Will and Jada are the best parents ever. Wednesday, author Terry McMillan tweeted that she thinks the Smiths are “pimping” Jaden and Willow, and the young stars are already exhibiting an air of “arrogance.”

Jaden, 12, and Willow, 10, both experienced breakout stardom last year. Although the two have previously been featured in film and TV roles (usually along side their superstar father, Will Smith), in 2010 the two became household names and media darlings.

After appearing with his dad in, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” last year Jaden starred along side martial arts legend Jackie Chan in a remake of the 1980s film, “The Karate Kid.” After the film was released he was praised for his superb performance, acting skill, and was dubbed one of young Hollywood’s ones to watch.

Similarly, in 2010, Jaden’s little sister Willow also saw her star skyrocket as well. After appearing in the films “I Am Legend,” “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl,” and on the television show, “True Jackson, VP,” Willow became a pop sensation with her infectious girl-power anthem, “Whip My Hair.” Currently, Will Smith and Jay-Z have launched a new venture and Willow has been tapped to remake the classic musical, “Annie,” and is probably fielding more calls than Diddy’s assistants.

Despite the Smith family’s successes (and ultra wholesome image), many have wondered aloud if allowing the young Smiths to ascend to stardom at such a young age is appropriate.

Although I think McMillian’s concern is more about stunted childhoods, than Will and Jada’s parenting ability, her point of view has merits.

Whether you agree with McMillian or not, you cannot deny the linty of child stars who have fallen victim to the trappings of young fame. Britney Spears, Todd Bridges, River Phoenix, Lindsay Lohan, Dana Plato, Gary Coleman, and Michael Jackson are just a FEW who have had difficulty transitioning from beloved child star to functional, responsible adult.

Let’s hope Will and Jada’s knowledge of the business, and all it’s pitfalls, is enough  to help their kids keep a level head while still pursuing their dreams.

What do you think? Are Will and Jada pushing their kids to be stars too soon or are they just being supportive parents? Sound off!

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