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  • what-what

    I was not expecting this video for this song at all…
    For some reason I got a ‘Kelis’ vibe also.

    • what-what

      but I liked it.

  • quizeene

    There’s no format to play this on BET, they’ve cut ‘Video Soul’ and shows that air Soulful videos like this one, unfortunately. I yearn & desire to be a VJ to air content like this!
    Natalie & Nolan did a splendid & tasteful job on “Let Me”. Congrats!

  • Alexandra

    Whoo the song is hot. But…unlike most, I didn’t like the video. :-/
    I don’t know. Not a fan of the lighting.


    Natalie CD has been out for a while, but you cannot hear any songs on radio, or see anyh video of her. The other half of floetry Marsha has a cd out as well. Ive seen her video, she has changed her whole image i guess to b on tv,. Both ladies have amazing voices and I wish them all the best. I was actually hoping for a reconciliation because they sound so so good together. I will support them both independently. I cannot wait til they both announce a performance in NYC. Although I missed Natalie at SOB’s, its shameful she gets no coverage, no play, NOTHING.

  • i think it is such a shame that WSHH is making fun of her and calling her body “fail”. we are so used to women with fake breasts that nobody can appreciate real ones anymore. SMH