Fresh off of the news of her deal for a new Bravo reality TV series, “Braxton Family Values,” word on the tweets is Toni Braxton is considering posing for Playboy.

Yesterday the singer tweeted that she wants to freshen things up for the New Year and may accept the venerable skin rag’s offer to grace its cover.

Lately, things haven’t been too sweet for the 43-year-old crooner. Braxton recently filed for bankruptcy, again, and is said to be in debt for anywhere between $10 to $50 million. Yes, $50 million! So perhaps this new “opportunity” is just another way to pay down some debt, get back in the black, and keep her name in the media.

If the thought of Ms. Braxton stripping down and cozying up to old man Heff has you clutching your pearls, relax. The mother of two said that if she decided to go through with the shoot, it would be “tastefully done” and she wouldn’t be completely nude, she’d just be showing “a lil T and A.”

Although I won’t throw shade on Toni’s possible decision to pose for Playboy, this does make me wonder when music became less about the ballads and more about the booty (peace to Keri Hilson).

What’s the word Clutchettes and Gents? Is posing for Playboy a good move for Toni or should she keep her “T and A” to herself? Sound Off!

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  • Sounds like Toni Braxton is looking for ways to make some $$$ since she filed for bankruptcy twice. I hope everything works out for her this year.

  • TexasGrl

    Toni you are a mother baby grl. Dont Do It!!!!!!! Please. Do your reality show and give us some good music and go on tour. The money will come to you. Use your talent other wise. Please.

  • Tami

    I think Toni is beautiful…There’s nothing wrong with posing for Playboy…and if she needs the money, she needs the money. I’m sure Playboy is going to pay her handsomely.

    • Tiffany

      Maybe….if Toni was still relevant in music. I would be shocked if she’s paid more than 10k for her photos. If she was a Beyonce or a Rihanna then yes, they’d pay A LOT because it’s based on who’s pictures is going to sell magazines and unfortunately, Toni probably won’t be on the cover.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    she 43? give it a rest.