From Frugivore Magazine — President Obama signed the Child Nutrition bill last month, and yesterday the US Department of Agriculture laid out its recommendations for government subsided school lunches.  These recommendations come months early in hopes the public can debate amongst themselves, since they will not be able to formally comment to the USDA until March.

Most of the USDA’s guidelines read like a Jenny Craig weight loss plan for young food addicts, as the government will cut school lunches caloric makeup to between 550 to 650 for primary school students, 600 to 700 for middle school, and 750 to 850 for high school students.  Also included in the government’s plan is switching some of the grain products from the polished white version to the marginally better whole grain variety.

The questions that arise about the new school lunches are causing the usual stir on Capitol Hill.  The highly partisan debate include some from the right, like GA representative Paul Brown, who thinks the program is not about the children but another intrusion of the “all-powerful” government into people’s privacy.

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