From Frugivore Magazine — President Obama signed the Child Nutrition bill last month, and yesterday the US Department of Agriculture laid out its recommendations for government subsided school lunches.  These recommendations come months early in hopes the public can debate amongst themselves, since they will not be able to formally comment to the USDA until March.

Most of the USDA’s guidelines read like a Jenny Craig weight loss plan for young food addicts, as the government will cut school lunches caloric makeup to between 550 to 650 for primary school students, 600 to 700 for middle school, and 750 to 850 for high school students.  Also included in the government’s plan is switching some of the grain products from the polished white version to the marginally better whole grain variety.

The questions that arise about the new school lunches are causing the usual stir on Capitol Hill.  The highly partisan debate include some from the right, like GA representative Paul Brown, who thinks the program is not about the children but another intrusion of the “all-powerful” government into people’s privacy.

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  • Anonymous

    Haha I see Jamie Oliver has done it again… when I was going to High school the lunch meal change was like a nightmare, my deep fat fried chips and burgers disappeared instead i got plain boiled chicken and baked chips. In my eyes this was a nightmare but I don’t think this is the government trying to get into peoples private lives.

    The lunch meals opened a door to healthy eating that I never new existed and with the statistics pointing to 42% of americans being obese by 2050 anyone who opposes this bill wants to pay for Obese peoples treatment. at least in the UK no one is willing to cough up those taxes just yet. The government is responsible for providing a good education and that means good healthy eating education too.

    here are the statistics

    • Lorvibe

      I agree. We got to school to learn, so we should also learn how to eat healthy. But i also think healthy habits start at home.

  • OhPuhleezee

    Lunch at school is not a right. It’s also not mandatory. Parents that aren’t happy with what the school has to offer should send their kids to school with a lunch.

    • Me27

      I couldn’t agree more. When I was growing up I hated the lunch schools provided, I brought a lunch to school almost everyday.

    • A Random Nigga

      Yeah, it is not a right, but it is your tax money helping people who cannot feed themselves. Since the food will be offered, why not have a good choice for kids.

  • Alexandra

    Not all change is bad. I think its a good idea.
    But I do agree that healthy eating habits should start at home. Kids only spend 8 hrs at school. You cant place all the responsibility on the schools.

  • jasmine

    i think its a great idea. obesity is getting out of control in this country, especially in our children. for people to object to the change in menu is very telling of our attitudes towards health.