The holiday season is officially over, and for many of us, this means that we are recommitting ourselves to a healthier lifestyle.

If you ate one too many slices of your grandmother’s prized sweet potato pie, you may be looking for a quick fix to drop those extra pounds. But be warned . . . the quicker you lose the weight, the more likely it is to return (and with a vengeance).

Instead of rushing out and hopping on the latest fad diet, taking small steps, like incorporating more fruits and vegetables into every meal and adding a healthy dose of exercise, will have you well on your way to your weight loss goals.

Like most of us who rush into the New Year high off our intention to get healthier, we run into the inevitable crash. We miss our weekly shopping trip, we are invited out to dinner (multiple times), we get rushed and overwhelmed with work or school and end up reverting back to unhealthy fast food, and soon our goal to drop a few pounds is shot to hell.

Getting back on track (or staying there) can sometimes be difficult. However, if you remember that nobody’s perfect, and in order to reach your goals you may have to take a step back before sprinting forward, you will eventually achieve your goals.

Recently, the “Today Show” featured some of the individuals from People Magazine’sHalf Their Size” issue. Seeing these people who took control of their lives and their waistlines the old fashioned way is extremely inspiring, and just might be the thing to help you kick off your healthier lifestyle.

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Another fabulous weight loss resource for colored girls is Erika Kendall’s website, A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss. On the site, Kendall dispenses common sense advice regarding everything from eating clean to working out to maintain your curves. If you are just starting out and need a shot of inspiration from a woman who’s been there, check out her site.

Losing weight can be difficult, especially in a culture that simultaneously values super skinny bodies while hawking unhealthy fast food at every turn. But with hard work and a few doses of inspiration, you can live a happier and healthier life.

What inspires you to stay on track? Share your tips with us!

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