Our sisters from across the pond want you to know that you are beautiful. Yes, every single one of you.

Recently, the group, “You’re Beautiful, Woman!” released a film that aimed to capture the essence of what makes Black women so fierce. The film, “What Makes Black Women Beautiful?” explores perceptions of beauty, self-esteem, and sisterhood.

The film was screened last year at the “You’re Beautiful, Woman!” event that takes place each year in London. The annual conference focuses on uplifting women through a myriad of workshops focusing on self-image, relationships, career, and self-esteem.

“You’re Beautiful, Woman” is the brainchild of seven Black business women who came together with the goal of helping women live better lives.  And from the looks of the film, they are succeeding.

According to the film’s backers, “You’re Beautiful, Woman!” examines “thought-provoking, controversial and often sensitive issue of beauty and black women’s experience of beauty….It goes beyond race or racial stereo-typing but deals with an issue which is so often overlooked by mainstream society. At the same time it is a real reflection of the struggles that all women, regardless of age, experience, race and background, have to deal with in the acceptance of their own identities.”

The film, shot by filmmaker Isaac Asha Tomiczek, is a love letter to women. Featuring a diverse group of women who span the Diaspora, the film serves as a reminder to all of us to value ourselves and our inner (and outer) beauty each day.

Watch “You’re Beautiful, Woman!” and tell us what makes you beautiful!

What makes the Black Woman Beautiful? from Beautiful Woman on Vimeo.

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