From The Grio — A North Carolina woman who raised a child stolen 23 years ago from a New York hospital surrendered to authorities on a probation violation charge Sunday, and she was to appear in federal court to face kidnapping charges, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

Ann Pettway surrendered Sunday morning to the FBI and police on a warrant from North Carolina, where she’s on probation because of a conviction for attempted embezzlement, FBI supervisory special agent William Reiner said. She turned herself in days after a widely publicized reunion between the child she raised, now an adult, and her biological mother.

Pettway received two years of probation last June after she took items from a store where she worked, which is considered embezzlement under North Carolina law, state correction spokeswoman Pamela Walker said. Under terms of her probation, she wasn’t allowed to leave the state.

Department of Correction officials there tried repeatedly to contact her after finding out investigators wanted to question her in the 1987 abduction of Carlina White.

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  • oknow

    this story is both sad and joyous.. for this young lady to figure out that she was not this woman’s child on her own is truly a work of GOD.. I’m so happy for her and her parents.. watching the video 23 yrs ago w/the couple crying out for their child was heartbreaking..

    hope this woman get’s whats coming to her.. i can’t wait to hear her story and why she did what she did and why she did not give this child back sooner..

  • bronzebeauty

    To piggyback off of oknow, this story is joyous for the young woman. In the context that so many children are taken away from their parents and unfortunately, murdered. Instead of discovering her bones 23 years later, the young woman can now re-start her life with her true family and loved ones.