T-Pain’s got a message for his haters: You don’t have to like him…but he hopes you dig his new tattoo.

On a recent jaunt to the Aloha state, the reigning King of Auto-Tune decided he’d bring home more than just a few Hawaiian shirts and cheap souvenirs.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. The self-proclaimed “Nappy Boy,” and tattoo aficionado, inked a Facebook “Like” button on his arm. (And you thought that tattoo of your ex’s name was a bad idea. Ha!)

What is there really to say about this? (Other than his tattoo artist needed a punctuation primer?)

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at T-Pain’s wholehearted embrace of social media. Back when MySpace was king, he penned, “What’s Yo’ Myspace?” a little ditty that told listeners (and a few R&B divas) to add the crooner to their Top Eight.

T-Pain’s ink isn’t all bad, though. Even though I think his Facebook tat is super stooopid (elegant phrasing, I know), Gucci Mane’s ice cream sundae face tattoo makes the Nappy Boy look like an absolute genius.

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