It’s Valentine’s Day–that day when you’re thinking about the person you love. If you don’t have a special someone in your life, don’t be worried. Today is not a day to be down; it’s a day to celebrate you and the loved ones you do have in your life. However, if you are one of those people who have been burning gas to find something more extraordinary than flowers and a box of chocolates this year for your boo, then take a second to breathe and reflect. There are little things you can do to help increase the love and passion in your relationship–and this love don’t cost a thing.

Tell Him What’s on Your Mind

You’re probably chewing your fingernails off, wondering what it is he’s going to give you today as a gift (or if he even thought to buy you a gift at all). Thoughts are racing: “If he’s been listening to what I say, he’ll know exactly what I want!” or “If she really knew what was up she would help me out with getting some yard work cleaned this weekend!” We all know men and women don’t think alike and what could save a petty argument from forming is clearly communicating what’s on your mind.  If you’re currently sitting in a questionable relationship with someone–as in you don’t even know what title you would put on it–then this may be the week to have that discussion, instead of sitting, hoping, and wishing. Save yourself a screaming match or any disappointment by just telling him what you want and working on that oh-so-important attribute in a relationship: communication.

Two’s Company, Too

Men and women often don’t share the same pasttimes or hobbies, but there are defenitely things that couples share that attract them to each other. Think about ways you can expand your togeterness in other aspects of your life. Try cooking together or take a pottery class together. Try something new together. You will enhance your bond by teaming up and working towards a common goal and further deepen your sense of unity. But don’t be clingy! That can be a number one way to ruin the balance in a relationship.

Give It a Break

Now even though you should spend more time together doesn’t mean you should become attached to your partner at the hip! Make sure to give your loved one space and to let him or her have “me” time. It’s important to work towards achieving a balance in a relationship by being a couple that can be defined by their individual qualities as well. Also, when you spend time apart, it makes the “we” time feel so much better. Don’t stress and appreciate that your partner has their own life, too! Individuality in a relationship is key to maintaining the love.

Make Them Feel Good

On the inside you might be bursting for love about your partner but as busy lives ensue, we often forget to outwardly express this love. We all have our own egos and we all have those moments when we feel insecure. Praise is another value that can be your best friend in a relationship. Make sure to honestly express your appreciation for your partner when you can. Whether it’s a promotion at work or he or she is just looking banging that day, make sure that you remind the person you care about why they are in a relationship with you in the first place. As their confidence boost, the desire to be with you will too.

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