Single motherhood isn’t shocking or uncommon in the Black community. We all know the daunting 70% statistic. Unfortunately, the vilification of Black single mothers isn’t uncommon either. Apparently it isn’t just Black single mothers that leave a bad taste in American’s mouths. UPI reports a recent poll done by Pew Research Center found 7 out of 10 Americans think women raising children alone is bad for society.

Of the 2,691 people polled the results showed social attitudes were fairly accepting of other non-traditional family arrangements like interracial marriages and gay and lesbian couples raising children. According to researchers, respondents fell into three groups- acceptors, rejecters and skeptics. Skeptics were the largest group at 37%, acceptors 31% (who welcome various family arrangements) and 32% rejecters oppose certain family structures. Pew senior editor, Rich Morin, told the Washington Post the view on single motherhood may be rooted on experience.

We see gay and lesbian couples raising children in loving environments,” he said. “We see young mothers going off to work and coming home to raise happy, well-adjusted children. Then we see the sometimes tragic consequences of single parenthood, with just one person juggling so many roles.”

Once again the single mother is seen as the scapegoat as all that is wrong with American society. But what is painstakingly obvious is that society has yet to hold the absentee fathers to the same standard it holds the women who are actually raising the children. I yearn for the day when Americans hold the fire to the butt of men creating children only to leave the mothers to raise them alone.

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  • Curly1

    While sitting in my drs office waiting to see her, there was a chart on the back of the door listing all the sexually transmitted diseases with PICTURES of what the warts, lesions, etc look like. IN COLOR!!! If that’s not a deterrent to forgoing condoms, I don’t know what is. that was more than 20 years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it. These young kids need to be more cognizant of what else is out there, along with HIV/AIDS, and take precautions. just common sense.