Dear Haute COCOs,

Words cannot express how much we appreciate your readership. At Coco & Creme, we always strive to serve as the leading style source for women of color. We very much enjoying reading your commentary and learning from your varying perspectives. In an industry where the black voice is often buried, lost, and completely ignored, it makes us proud to know that women like yourselves continue to declare your love for fashion and beauty. While we strongly encourage comments and discussions — we cannot and will not tolerate verbal abuse or attacks against other readers.

We do not believe in silencing the voices of others. It is your voice that keeps us going. We are inspired by your thoughts, gain ideas from your discussions, and are humbled by your intelligence. However, we will not serve as a platform for women to demean, berate, or chide one another. Nor, would we be socially responsible if we were to allow this to continue. We take responsibility for our content, our site, and our readers.

It deeply saddens us to close the comments on the post regarding plastic surgery. It saddens us even more that some of our readers felt uncomfortable during that discussion. Although we understand everyone will not always agree, we must ask that you learn to politely and graciously disagree. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and every opinion matters — but we will not allow our patrons to be the subject of abuse.

Going forward, we promise to bring you fresh and fashionable daily content. We promise to stay informative, edgy, and undeniably dedicated. Lastly, we promise to improve, grow, and most all — serve you steamy haute Coco.


The C+C Team

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