Thanks to reality television, plastic surgery is no longer a taboo subject. Several television shows like Extreme Makeover, Dr. 90210, and Bridalplasty follow people on their journey toward a newer version of themselves. Before season three of Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, breakout cast member, Nene Leakes debuted her new nose and people had plenty to say about it — including her cast mates.

Although her surgery was major — it was later revealed she got tummy tuck and new breast implants too — I wonder:

What’s the big deal?

During the last episode of the season, Kim Zolciak announced that she too went under the knife.  However there wasn’t nearly as much commentary about that — not to mention her obviously enhanced lips and fat laser treatments. Beverly Hills, Orange County, New Jersey, and New York cast members also took a trip to the surgeon a time or two.

Although cosmetic surgery is slowly becoming as normal in maintaining your appearance as a tube of volumizing mascara, I ask —

Do women of color truly feel comfortable with the idea of major cosmetic procedures?

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  1. as someone else mentionned, what troubles me is when us ladies chisel distictive (read black) facial features for something more caucasian, particularly our noses…tummy tucks & boob jobs eh, less so lol

  2. minna k.

    I guess i am in a safe place to admit that this is a subject that i have person al conflict with. A few years ago i researched plastic surgery for myself diligently. Rynoplasty. I was in the closet about this, because whenever i would mention it to a friend or family member, i would be made to feel badly. I get it, its expensive and more good can be done with my money. I should be happy with what “God” gave me. I suppose considering that i wear my natural hair that this is an oxymoron. But the thing is that i really LIKE my natural hair. I guess the original is that we are suppose to accept and tolerate what is natural, even if you don’t really LIKE it.

    I felt that my face was out of symmetry and changing my nose would make my awkwardness disappear and bring out my other features. If i had seen any good nose jobs in real life, i suppose i hadn’t noticed them. That is a good thing. There were times when i would look at someone’s face and all that i could see was that they had something “FIXED”. I could not see that they were beautiful, just that they had something done. Often it wasn’t in harmony, and nothing i would want to live with. On a black woman, it would be that same pinched in janet jackson (chante moore??) nose that surgeons seemed to only know how to do. It was a distraction. What I would want is for the surgeon “artist” to look at my face and modify me accordingly. To suit me.

    I gave up, and have been trying to find positive ways to see how my features are in harmony. I am almost there. I am learning to understand my face.

    I am actually impressed with how good Nene’s nose actually looks. It still looks like a real nose. I wouldn’t mind a consultation with her surgeon. I thought lil’ Kim’s first nose (job) was fine. Then she got 2 more, then fake lips, then she looks like she had cheeks and an eye lift. I am confused. And all of that work was JUST her face.

    At the same time i agree with Chanel. I wish that i could have been and be more comfortable with my skin, that i could hold my own/compete within this very looks-ist society. That i didn’t feel like the awkward friend, and that have never seen a need or desire to want to change what i was born with or how i grew into myself.

    Then i see pictures of these most “powerful” men in the world. They seem completely content with their appearance. They barely groom well enough. I wonder why they are so comfortable?

  3. Keebo

    To each their own. No judgements here just a request that you give great of thought to it. Research the procedure, the doctor’s credentials(red flags? shady environments, sometimes med tourism,cheap etc), their success record, get a physical (do you have allergies/prone to infections/irregular family medical history), shop around and know that it’s only a physical change(not a life, game or mood changer).