Black History Month is not only a wonderful time to reflect on our history as a people, but also a great time to highlight those who are making their mark now.

Nigerian-born fashion maven Oroma Elewa is working diligently to enlighten the world about Africa’s vibrant and diverse cultures and fashions through the visually stunning glossy, Pop’Africana.

Pop’Africana debuted last year to critical acclaim and has since changed the way many view the continent. The magazine, which is “dedicated to delivering a rejuvenated image of Africans,” will be dropping its limited-edition second issue soon and will feature fashion designer Duro Olowu, chef Marcus Samuelsson and model Nina Keita. And judging by the looks of things, it’s going to be pretty damn hot.

What makes Elewa so fierce? After not seeing a culture magazine that catered to today’s Africans, she decided to create her own. No experience necessary.

“I don’t have any publishing experience, but you have to admit, the audacity is what makes it interesting…I simply seized advantage of the zeitgeist. To answer your question about why I thought I could publish Pop’Africana on my own, the need to document the African experience and redirect the opinion of the African superseded the need to have everything in place first. I do not claim to be the most professional anything but what I did was that I take a shot at what I truly believed and what I truly believed was lacking for a global African community.”

Recently Elewa, Pop’Africana’s Editorial Director, was featured in Vogue Black and gave readers an inside look at her upbringing in Nigeria, her love of art, being an African in America, and where the idea for Pop’Africana came from.  Check it out.

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    I want this mag SO MUCH!!! I’ve made a deal with my brother that since he lives in Boston, and goes visit New York every once and a while, he could buy me the mag from one of the few stores it’s stored in NYC, and I’ll pay him back the magazine’s price + interest! However, if there is a way that I can order it online someone PLEASE TELL ME SO! From what I’ve read, readers cannot order online after January 20th.