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  • Robin Nicole

    Wow…The vid is so Ill!! Cee Lo Green is genius. He gives us true entertainment in each of his endeavors, and I will always be fan.

  • this is so cool but i have a question… whats with this new music video theme/trend of killing women? first kanye west’s monster and now this?

    its kinda its a cool video though

    • a daughter of yemonya

      Peace and blessings to all, I am sooooo very torn right now and it took me a moment to decide if I was going to reply or not. I enjoy Cee Lo Green all the way to the beginning, way back in the day. I am really open to all things although we do need balance…everyone’s balance will be varied. I have stated my concerns of Kanye’s Monster video and now I am seeing this video. They both have their artistic qualities and yet feature a very similar theme and I am beginning to wonder if it at all has any minute correlation to the fact that each of them lost their mothers (consciously speaking or even subconsciously)…The bond between a son and their mothers are amazingly strong and unless you are a mother to a son or a son with a mother it is absolutely impossible to understand. Now I am in no way condoning or condeming the theme of “killing women”, but what if this is their way of working through the loss of the women that gave them life…

      I know it may be a long stretch, but we all go through heavy shit and I feel that if we could (myself included) just began to see if we could envision ourselves in the other’s perspective then….maybe it might ease some of the pain that folks feel. In order to display this amount of pain one would have to feel pain. I have no clue how I’d express myself if I was a musically talented male artist that lost my mother.

      Kinda off the subject and very different genre but think of Dexter….just my cents…Peace, love and positive motion of the ocean gently rocked my our Goddess…the moon

      By the way this video is, in a sordid yet cerebral sort of way, quite refreshing, stimulating and creative and I look forward to see the continuation…

  • Slim


  • This thing is genius. I say yes to 2D Jankyvision!!!!

  • JusMe..

    Looks like something Kanye would do