Diddy might support Democrats, but apparently he isn’t feeling Obama right now.

Sean “Diddy” Combs shared his resentment about President Barack Obama with The Source. In the January issue, he claimed that the President “doesn’t care about black people”.

“I love the president like most of us. I just want the president to do better. There’s a difference between us voting for somebody and us believing in somebody. He’s the person that we believed in so I pray night and day that he understands how God ordained his presidency. I feel there was a promise made to God to look after people that was less fortunate, and [many] of those people are African-American…”

Combs remains a staunch supporter for encouraging African-Americans to use their voting rights during elections. His 2004 “Vote or Die” campaign spun-off into a partisan effort in the 2008 election, “Obama or Die”. Combs believes that Obama’s inability to enact the change that he promised during the days of the election may keep him from serving another four terms.

“It’s something he might not get reelected for, but we elected him,” Diddy said. “He owes us. I’d rather have a black president that was man enough to say that he was doing something for black people have one term than a president who played the politics game have two terms.”

Do you agree with Diddy? Do you think Obama should be doing more or has done just enough?

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  • Kim

    Diddy who has fathered 5 (?) kids by 3 different women out of wedlock is trying to tell President Obama what he should be doing? Diddy the man who just a few days ago blew a million dollars in a strip club is really trying to take issue with the President? Okay. Well he’s entitled to his opinion but he should sweep around his own front door first. He’s a public figure too and he can do better…

    • Renee

      You are absolutely right. Diddy is also a public figure. And no, we didn’t elect him to his current position as world’s biggest douche bag, he still represents us as a race being in the public eye. He needs to pull his head out of his butt and stop trying to pull a Kanye “Bush doesn’t care about black people” card.

  • book_buddie

    Okay Diddy probably doesn’t even know what are the 3 branches of government, so what does he know about politics? Is he even following what the President does? Cuz if he was he would know that Obama is trying to do a lot not just for black people but generations, (like Diddy’s kids) in the future. But prez can’t do it alone, that’s what checks and balances are for. New laws can’t just be made without Congress’s approval.

  • I’m SO TIRED of Black people saying that Obama isnt doing enough for ‘us…’ They dont seem to understand how the presidency works, the man cant just wave a magic wand and make all the trials and tribulations go away for Blacks, nor can he pick and choose which agendas he wants to focus on… he has an entire administration full of councellors (spellcheck) not to mention the House and Senate that have to approve every bill and issue before he puts it through.

    This is a democracy… the man cant just say ‘I want to focus on Black people this term’ and screw the rest. Plus, he’s only been in office two years (three this November) and change is not something that happens overnight, it’s a gradual process. The American Civil Rights Movement went on for 13 YEARS , and it was ten years in before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. What do they expect the man to do with 26 months in office? And I also agree with the comments about Diddy’s own lifestyle… the man is no political pundit, but with all the money and influence he has, if wanted really change he could start a movement himself and throw considerable weight behind it. Our people’s betterment must start from within…


  • bullshit…please, he is not a black president he is the American President, why blacks in American think that because he is black he should solve all their problems? why dont they work, clean up their ghettos the money they waste on branded goods pay for health insurance, when they work save for a rainy day come on no president black, white, hebrew or jew can solve black america’s issues.

    why dont p diddy do better? who is he to talk mister 3 kids one yeah 2 women and black women. please