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  • Bronze

    This look is too old lady for me. Her body is too bangin’ to wear something so drab.

  • I think she looks cute. Yea,her face is a little shiny but, overall, her look is ok.

    It’s not the best but, its def not a mess.

  • Georgie

    The obvious, too-brassy wig
    The safe eye makeup and lipstick and boring blush
    The sequin jacket and shirt overkill with the shiny ill-fitted skirt
    The shiny shoes (again)
    The dark, same-themed polish

    The shirt makes it look like she’s hiding a stomach, the skirt length is too matronly for her height. A fresh mess all around


    give the sister a break. at least she is not showing what she came into the world with. why be mean when you can be nice.it don’t cost a thing to be sweet to people!!!