I’m not going to lie, when I saw the lineup for Aretha Franklin’s tribute I scratched my head trying to figure out who two of the women even were. Further, I took to Twitter to express this:

“I will never forgive the GRAMMYS for Fantasia not being in this tribute.”

Apparently I wasn’t alone because the RT’s were almost immediately. Fantasia can sang. Yes, sang. And ‘Tasia would have taken us to church right along with Yolanda Adams. In addition, Fantasia actually has a relationship with Aretha Franklin. On the episode of Fantasia’s reality show when Fantasia was in the hospital for her attempted suicide, Queen Aretha reached out to wish her well.

There was a reason Fantasia’s beautiful vocals were not heard on Sunday’s GRAMMYS. She wasn’t asked to do the tribute; therefore, she opted to stay home. Fantasia actually won Best Female Vocal Performance for her single “Bittersweet.” She called in to “106 & Park” and told Rocsi and Terrence J why she decided to stay home, cook and “do her own thing.”

“Last night they were honoring someone who is my idol, Aretha Franklin; and there is no way I could have sat there and not got the happy feet and wanting to jump on the mic because she is my favorite. So I felt like, you know, at the end of the day I should have been on that stage. So I kind of did my own little thing last night.

I have this feeling, like every year I go, I feel like they always look over some of the good singers that are still around. I’m not trying to be funny, but that’s just the way I felt.”

Well Ms. Fantasia, you were missed.

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