Gabrielle Union isn’t just another pretty face. Aside from shooting films, and working on TV shows, the talented actress and former model just landed a spiffy new job from the Commander-in-Chief.

After hearing the pilot for her TV show “Army Wives” fell through, Union was tapped by President Obama to sit on the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women.

According to the Department of Justice website, the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women is an advisory board that “convenes as a group, at least twice a year, to address violence against women. National Advisory Committee members share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise by submitting recommendations on a variety of priority issues as the federal government develops its policies to address the crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.”

Gabrielle Union, who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2009 about being raped when she was 19, says that working with the committee is her most “fulfilling” role to date.

Check out Gabrielle Union chatting with NBC about fashion and her new position.

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