The discussion around what makes one Black has been ongoing for over a century. Race has also been a headlining topic in Halle Berry’s brutal custody battle with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. In Ebony’s March issue, Halle says her daughter is indeed Black.

“I believe she’s Black,” said Halle. “I’m Black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.”

Are we surprised? Halle has been one of the biracial celebrities in Hollywood who has made no qualms about being a Black woman and actress. The public has never had to doubt what race Halle was because she would proudly let it be known. Go on Halle!

Although the one-drop theory was used as a form of oppression to categorize anyone with one-drop of blood as Black, the rule has never quite left the minds of both Blacks and Whites. The majority of Americans considers public figures mixed with both Black and White, who have brown skin, Black. It’s just the way things are.

As Nahla’s mother, Halle has the right to choose how she will raise her child. And if she feels Nayla is Black more power to her. But the ultimate decision will be Nahla’s once she is of age to decide for herself.

Do you think Halle’s adoption of the one-drop rule is problematic? Is there anything wrong with her raising her daughter as Black even though she’s technically Black, White and French Canadian?

Sound off!

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  • Mike

    how stupid can people be. you can do the mendelian genetics to figure exactly what percentage she is black or white if you knew which alleles determined skin color. in the end YOUR skin color and your ANCESTORS skin color are 2 separate things but will both affect your self-identity. the government is not giving handouts to black people because their ancestors were enslaved years ago by white ancestors. they are giving out handouts because the “game” is still rigged today. racism still exists and segregation still exists. if you doubt it, take a trip to chicago and see the evidence. most black people are prevented from achieving middle class status simply because of the ethnic separation in this city. Most of the blame is and should be on white people who on average are wealthier and make the decisions. However, that doesn’t mean black people aren’t racist and also contribute to the segregation in this city. people are all the same. we are as alike in our racist actions as we are in our genes. The problem is everyone thinks they are unique and special. That’s where racism stems from. people of mixed ethnicity (black/white) should get handouts IF they are colored. That is because they are a MINORITY and are at a disadvantage in this universally racist nation. It doesn’t matter what race their parents were. If 2 black parents produced a white child, that child should not receive a handout for blacks. If 2 white parents, produced a black child, that child should receive a handout. but then again its not that straight forward is it. a white looking child raised on the south side of chicago by a primarily black family and community may look white but identify more with the black community. Therefore, this child may be treated with prejudice by others because of his/her actions/culture/language that may reveal the community she/he grew up in. Therefore, these children should also receive scholarships due to their family being black. Same concept applies if an all black family adopts a white child. If an all white family adopts a black child, that child still qualifies for a black scholarship because he/she IS BLACK SKINNED. Basically any self-identity with a black community qualifies a person for these handouts, even if you are white. This is fair, but black skinned people are going to be the most affected by racism simply because they wear their identity on their skin. And therefore, the darker a person is, the more racist people will be to them meaning the most extreme skin colors are at a disadvantage. this is still true if you are albino. racism is an animal instinct and you see the same thing in the rest of the animal world. people need to rise above their instinct and realize that no one is special, we aren’t that different. In fact there is very little difference between people and fruitflies when it comes down to it. so get over your self pride, your pride in your ancestors, or pride in any kind of unique physical trait. it’s nothing that sex & evolution can’t make up again after you’ve died. it is important to remember our past, but not to be proud of it. everyone is guilty and it is impossible not to be proud. but we need to understand that pride is the result of our differences and wanting to survive longer than our neighbor. These 2 things inevitably result in racism and the 2 similar neighbors killing the 1 slightly more different neighbor. separate your feelings (which evolved for your own survival, not your neighbors) from logic to see that we really are the same. it’s not just spiritual mumbo jumbo. and forget rick charettes message that you’ve got super powers. you don’t. no one’s special. it’s only a matter of who you can convince is more like you and then use a majority in #s to try to kill people who are competing for your resources.

    • Von

      i enjoyed the article and your comment. I recently saw a special on 20/20 and another daytime talk show where a mix of people from different racial groups took the genetic test you mentioned. The results revealed what we have always said, “we’re all mixed”. However, what was so astounding to me is the fact that Asians, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics all had atleast 1% Sub-Saharian African genes. So it makes me think, what does it REALLY mean to be black?

  • Mike

    oh and i think halle berry identifies with her white community more than she lets on since she was dating a white guy.