From Kanye dubbing Justine Beiber his new beats protege or Diddy/ Dirty Money/ Dr. Dre collaborating with Skyler Grey, its seems everyone is looking to add “feat.” to their track.  While there are tons of predictable collabs out there, here are five unlikely pairings we’d love to see.

J. Cole featuring Zero 7: We love the vibe that J. Cole puts down on “In the Morning,” and though Drake can certainly hold a tune- we’d love to see Cole upgrade from pseudo singer to a vocal act.  With their laid back but thoughtful melodies heard in like “Waiting Line” and “Destiny,”  Zero 7 would make a perfect match for the rapper bringing looking for Jay to pass the baton.

Andre 3000 and Bird and the Bee: We first fell for the Bird and the Bee after hearing their cover of the Bee Gee’s “How Deep Is Your Love.”  Thinking of rappers with the lyrical depth and creativity to match the soulfully smart group, Andre 3000 is our first pick.  Given his ability to provide quality verses and dabble in new sounds, this partnership could give more of the contemplative and fun sides seen on “The Love Below.”

Oh Land featuring RZA and No ID: After hearing Kanye spit out the line, “I used to dream about this back in Chicago,” we immediately wanted to know the producers behind “Dark Fantasy’s” beat.  The combination of RZA and No ID make for an incredible collaboration with little known indie artist Oh Land.  A less absurd version of Gaga with lyrics thay could be given verbatim to Angie Stone, Oh Land could make a great team with this producing super duo.

Wale featuring Ayo:  While she’s been featured on VH1 Soul and on BET, Ayo’s never gotten the recognition she deserved.  With a gorgeous, airy voice we could see the singer blending well with the flow Wale showed us on “Beautiful Bliss.”  Both artists rep Nigeria and provide a glimpse into potentials for the benefits of a more globally influenced strain of rap.  Plus, with the husky side Ayo showed on “Down on My Knees” with the energy of the D.C. rapper’s “My Sweetie,” there’s a good chance we could have the perfect jam for slow summer days.

Kanye West featuring Florence and the Machine: In a word- EPIC.  While we all have different feelings about Kanye’s Twitter vomit, you can’t hate on what the man produces.  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is easily one of the most original albums out this year, with tracks like “Lost In The World” merging swelling score and meaningful rap.  With Florence and the Machine, Ye would have the ability to explore and roam.  Front woman, Florence Welch, is a vocal powerhouse- a force shown during last week’s tribute to Aretha Franklin.  With lush harps and pulsing drums, the band would make a great soundtrack for more storytelling from Mr. West.

What about you Clutchettes?  What are some fantasy collaborations you’d like to see?

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