Seems Halle can’t escape the drama these days, no matter how hard she tries.  After getting through a bitter custody hearing with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, Ms. Berry’s name is being dragged into the middle of another public fight.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Halle’s half-sister, Renee Berry says Halle has cut off contact from the black side of her family saying, “It seems she wants nothing to do with us.”

The estrangement is not a new but has gotten more attention given Halle’s comment that she believes in the “one-drop theory” and considers Nahla black as well.

Renee is the daughter of Halle’s father, Jerome Berry.  She was born several years before Jerome began dating Halle’s mother, actress Judith Hawkins.  Though Halle has never spoken publicly about her, Renee contents the two were “very close” growing up.

The two sisters apparently fell out after Renee made a public plea for Halle to visit their father who was suffering with Parkinson’s disease.  Her issues with her father have been widely reported, with Halle saying he was an abusive alcoholic who frequently beat her mom.

According to Renee, she has never met Halle’s daughter Nahla, though she says she would “love to.”  You may be wondering seeing Nahla walking and talking how far back it puts the sister’s cold war.  Well, the last time Renee spoke to Halle was five years ago.  Which begs the question: why now?

Well, according to the Daily Mirror:

“Renee, a food service worker from Alabama, is desperate to reconnect with her famous sister, especially when she is going through such a difficult time in the courts…[she says,] ‘We would love to meet Nahla. We are desperate to understand why Halle is so upset, why she feels she cannot be with us.'”

I have a hunch.

I know personally that there are ridiculous lengths we as women go for family.  And while I can appreciate that Renee wants to offer her support as a sister, speaking to the press whenever Halle is going through something seems more than a little suspect.

If Halle has cut off contact with Renee and the rest of the black side of her family, will their going public help rekindle their relationship or build one with Nahla?  Furthermore, does Halle’s black side of her family deserve that much or nothing at all?

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