Janet Jackson stopped by the Today show this morning to discuss her new book, True You, due out tomorrow. During the candid interview with Meredith Viera, the usually very private singer discussed her struggles with her body image, which were brought on by developing “at a very, very young age.”

Jackson recounted, “I started getting breasts when I was 10, and to make me look more flat chested (on the set of her show ‘Good Times’) they would bind my chest. Immediately, it says OK, the way you are, you’re not good enough. And that affected me at 10 years old.”

Janet also told Viera how she would “literally bang [her] head against the wall” because she didn’t feel attractive enough and was called “Horse, pig, cow, slaughter-hog” by her brothers.

In her new book, True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, Jackson reminisces about her earlier struggles with self-esteem, her relationship with her father, missing Michael, and gives advice on how she overcame her demons to finally love herself.

Check Janet Jackson’s interview on Today.

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