Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has added a new joint to his portfolio investments: fried chicken.

The 41 year-old rapper, along with his mother and sister, has decided to financially contribute to Buffalo Boss, a Brooklyn based chicken wing restaurant co-owned by his cousin, Jamar White.

White recently confirmed rumors with MTV News: “Yes, it’s all true. Jay supports us in all we do, that’s my big cousin right there.”

White’s chicken join not only serves as a fast food eatery in Brooklyn but also an advocate to the community. White’s restaurant recently rewarded local middle school students with free meals in recognition of their outstanding academic performance.

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  • African Mami

    Absolutely detest this man because of his mysgonism and what not, but can’t deny his business acumen or that of his advisors is on point! Good job Jay, get that money!

  • me

    dare i say that Jay actually looks cute in that picture.
    He’s a great business man… let’s hope he doesn’t rape his cousin for the profits though.

  • Annie L.

    Good to support family but…I immediately thought of Undercover Brother, lol!

  • I’m glad he’s supporting his family but, in all honesty… Jay-Z and Beyonce are starting to make me sick. They have all the money in the world and they seem humanly incapable of investing it properly. People are starving and losing their homes and shes blowing millions on custom-made Bughatti’s while he is putting his funds behind fried chicken. Obesity is a national crisis and they’re awarding free meals to good students… the heart is in the right place but why don’t you sink that money directly into the New York City public school system that you grew up in and thats closed hundreds of schools this year? Or granting scholarships to underpriviledged kids living in the jects you grew up in? *sigh*

    • folasade

      Jay and B are one of the highest paid celebrity couples. He’s made the Forbes list; I doubt he’s investing his money unwisely.

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