The Dreamgirls actress and singer revealed to Oprah Winfrey on Thursday how much weight she lost on the Weight Watchers diet. Jennifer Hudson was literally bouncing in her seat with excitement.

“I’ve lost 80 pounds”, the singer told Winfrey. The audience let out a standing ovation. Hudson claims she is still adjusting to her new body size.

“It’s like a brand new me,” she said. “Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.”

Hudson made the decision to lose the weight during her pregnancy with her now 2 year-old son. Hudson shrunk from a size 16 to a size 6.

She told Winfrey that she doesn’t have a personal chef and prepares her own food. She also runs the treadmill as part of her workout routine.

On the show, Hudson also spoke about the tragic loss of her mother, brother, and young nephew, who were murdered nearly two years ago. She claims that the only way she got through it was with family, faith, and friends.

“The only thing I can do to honor their memory is to make them proud,” Hudson said.

Hudson is endorsed as the spokeswoman for Weight watchers.

Watch Jennifer Hudson share the good news!

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