There are always stand out celebrities at Fashion Week, ones who through their style and appearances makes us click through pages of google images in awe.  This year that star is not being hailed for his knockout performance or red carpet swag, but rather his lack thereof.  And that star is Kanye West.

The rapper, artist and twitter connoisseur showed us all a side we haven’t seen lately–the quiet one.  During his Fashion Week appearances, Mr. West was ushered briskly through the crowds from show to show with the star only sharing these few words: “I don’t do press.”

Yes, you read that correctly.  Apparently after months of nonsensical (albeit hilarious) media appearances, the rapper we love/love to hate has decided to put it on mute.  Where was that discretion during the awkwardness that was the rapper’s interview with The Today Show’s Matt Lauer?  We’re not quite sure.  But it’s here now and we are loving the sound of Mr. West letting the crickets do their thing.

In an article chronicling Mr. West’s Fashion Week adventures, New York Times reporter Ben Detrick compiled a timeline of the rapper’s every move.  Though he and his body-guards made it clear there would be no interviews or photos, the timeline was filled with reports from backstage crew, bloggers and media that caught glimpses of the flash that was Mr. West brushing by.  Some of the highlights include:

“A little before 11 p.m., arrives at intimate party for Alexander Wang’s new boutique in SoHo. Yawns while waiting for Lauryn Hill to perform. Ends night at Mondrian hotel, where he is the guest of honor for V Man magazine’s party. Cover features Mr. West with bills stuffed in his mouth, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Dollar bills, real and fake, rain down on crowd. Mr. West seen in corner eating KFC.”

Dead and done.

Now honestly, had this been any other celeb, fans may have felt slighted by the unwillingness to even pose for press.  But when it comes to Kanye’s cringeworthy outbursts, the phrase, “less is more,” could not be more true.  Maybe recording an album with Jay has him focusing all his energy into the music, but even if it’s not to Big Brother’s credit, we’re still with it.

With his media embargo in full-effect, fans may finally get more of the music and performances we love.  During his surprise appearance during the NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show, we all got a glimpse of that man.  We missed him.  And even though he may have went out and bought Ricky Martin’s Grammy pants in traffic light red, he shut the show down regardless.

We love Mr. West  and his genius either way, but if his new fashion accessory is a muzzle–no objections here.

What you think Clutchettes?  Are we yay or nay on a quieter Kanye West?

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