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  • Gah

    I love lil kim.

    • Deech

      …i love Lil’ Kim too, moreso than NM but that’s simply a generational thing….

      …i won’t knock NM’s hustle, but to talk mess about the ones who paved the way for her to be who she is, be ready to get a reaction…it can be called childish or whatever, but competition is the very essence of what hip-hop is…this is what LK is good at and i can respect her on that…don’t expect her to just give up her grind because a new one is on the scene….

      …i actually LOVE that this has brought female emcees back into the spotlight…

  • Me

    1) Lil Kim looks like a CLOWN!!!!!

    2) But this is hawt!!! lol…I would’ve gave her mom points without a video

  • maia

    The first time a yorkshire terrier’s starred in a hiphop video? ^_^ Btw, is it me or is the li’l kim doll white? I feel i must declare i am white after such a comment, and more to the point i never experience racism as i don’t do it and other people don’t do it round me – well, what isn’t sheep round here is welsh, goes to church/chapel (=politely spoken) and the wrong side of 80, so it would be hard to locate any anyway. I don’t care, it’s just so consistent, it’s sort of worrying, like everyone still hates their bodies long after white people making them feel that way (which they did used to, i know) stopped. Mind you, i worked in a clothes shop, and every woman seemed to loathe their bodies. I used to feel, if i hear one more woman go on about how awful she is because she’s short/tall/fat/skinny/disproportionate/too pale/anything i shall scream. Maybe it’s a woman thing and black people go on about how they’re too dark like white people go on about how they hate themselves cause they’re too pale. Still not sure though, although i am sure it’s a million miles worse with women than men – don’t see black men using bleach do you? Hope not. Will soon, they’ve (fashion and pharmaceuticals advertisers) already got men having anorexia.

    • Cerena

      I don’t want to derail the conversation here, but just because the message that black and brown-skinned people are ugly isn’t explicit anymore doesn’t mean that the message has disappeared alltogether. It’s just implicit now. Even children (I have a young sister who used to be upset wasn’t white. My family is kind of neutral in that we don’t talk any particular race up or down… so how did she pick up on that without outside help? TV.) pick up on the message that white people are collectively “better” than brown people in America. I can’t comment on other societies and cultures, but in America, regardless of the fact that outright racism Just Isn’t Done anymore, the matter of all the famous starlets being white, regardless of talent speaks a lot. The fact that on TV, you rarely see Asian or [email protected] people speaks a lot. Black people are there, but it doesn’t reflect reality much. They’re usually tokens.

      People don’t have to come outright and say brown people are ugly. We get the message from an early age. Black children (and probably other brown kids) still pick white dolls over black dolls in heartbreaking majority. Are their parents telling them white people are better? Are white people telling them that? No, that idea permeates almost every facet of the media and is actually more dangerous because people can’t see that it exists anymore so they think it’s gone.

      And men as a whole don’t have the “beauty” hangups that women do because again… the media doesn’t make it a big deal. On TV, you see these combinations of dark-skin husband, light-skinned wife. Fat husband, thin wife. Homely husband, beautiful wife. Count the adverts on TV. How many anti-aging ones will you see targeting men? Weight loss? Hair? etc… list goes on. Just have to open your eyes a little wider to see it.

  • Stone

    FOH Kim with this $200 budget video. I was on her side until I saw this video. You gotta come harder than this bootleg video. How you driving a Lambo around downtown Brooklyn? You ain’t fabulous driving past Ashley Stewart, Modell’s, and Duane Reade.

    Nicki is whack but Lil Kim’s face is so scary it cancels out anything else. Also I doubt if Kim wrote this rap. That entire flow was not even her style. It sounded “off” Definitely written for her.