It would seem ridiculous if we- mere ordinary people thought changes to our hair were worth blog chatter and hundreds of re-tweets.  But, oh to be a celebrity.

Today, Chris Brown took to Twitter and revealed his freshly dyed blond do.  To put into perspective of the latest celebrity hair reveals, we are fresh off the heels of Jennifer Anniston trimming her ends and sending women everywhere into a frenzy for the long bob.  This week’s reveal though is less of a symbol for transitioning through life’s phases than it is a publicity stunt.

After tweeting pics of his new do, Breezy was sure to also mention that his album, F.A.M.E, was slated for release March 22nd.  Chris says the album’s acronym stands for Forgiving All My Enemies, which one can only hope includes the person who told him that going for an Amber Rose/ Michelle Williams look would be a good idea.


Tell us ladies- how do you feel about Chris’ new do?

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