The Spring 2011 Wonder Woman Collection launches February 10.



2-mac-wonder-woman-ambient2-mac-wonder-woman-ambientMAC is known for some of its fantastic character collaborations. From Barbie to Disney Villains, they always manage to raise the creative bar. So, it’s no surprise that the newest collaboration — inspired by Wonder Woman — follows suit.

Although Wonder Woman is as fiercely fabulous as they come, we can’t help but think of five super human divas we would like to get some shine. Keep reading to find out who.

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  • You picked some GREAT supersheros!!!!!!!!!!…Honeslty I didn’t know about a couple of them so thanks for the teaching me something new. Those characters would be great to have a new line.

    On another note I would love if MAC did another line with Barbie…I wasn’t a big mac fan until a year ago so I completely missed out on any collection before then.

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  • Jasmine

    Wow to the Misty Night character wonder if she will be in the Iron Man movies. Also Storm not really she makes it rain *yawn*.

    • Mo’Moni

      More like she is rainin’ on these hoes! Storm also brings the thunder. Don’t hate on your girl she is the ish!

    • Mo’Moni, you reached in and stole the words right out of my mouth!

    • Chaka Mills

      I know right! Storm does wayyy more than make it rain, she is a higher level mutant and controls all forms of weather meaning this bad chick not only makes it rain she handles her business and is an iconic character in Marvel comics :) LOVE HER

  • Brittany

    For some odd reason I find these superheros attractive. Anyway ( XD) I LOOOOVE IT!!!!
    Time for me to go grow some muscles!