So we can officially add Method Man to the list of men who say dumb shit about Black women.

During a recent interview, the Wu Tang alum was asked if he liked women with natural hair and Johnny Blaze gave a resounding no.

“No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry. I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.“

(the video of his interview has been removed from YouTube)

Let’s put his narrow-minded comments aside for a minute and deal with his false assumption that sistas with natural hair somehow run around looking unkept.

Every natural hair diva I know spends serious time flipping, whipping, and styling their hair all sorts of creative ways. So much so that a simple google search of “natural hair styles” will give almost any woman some serious hair envy (don’t believe me? Check out Le Coil). Many women with natural hair (and Meth, this also includes sisters who straighten their natural locks) rock natural hair precisely because it is so versatile.

Want to rock it curly or in a twist out? Totally possible. Want to have the Dominicans blow it bone straight for a special occasion? You can do that too.

Is Meth entitled to his opinion? Of course. But I would prefer he express his preferences about women without name calling and reinforcing backward (and dare I say, self-loathing) beliefs about Black hair.

Meth, If you like women with straight, weaved, or blown out hair, cool. But why knock women who embrace the way their hair naturally grows from their heads?

And here I thought he wanted to “kick the truth to the young black youth.”

Wait, my bad, that was Inspector Deck. #MovingOn

Update: Watch the video of Meth’s comments.


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