From Black Voices — First Lady Michelle Obama said the anti-obesity Let’s Move initiative she launched a year ago is helping to provide healthy food and more information about the meals parents are giving their children.

At the same time, the initiative has recruited role model athletes and 500 mayors across the country have committed to tackling the youth obesity epidemic by building bike paths and starting youth recreation leagues.

“It wasn’t clear that we would get the kind of momentum that we are seeing over the course of the year. This issue is so big, it’s so complicated. Often times our team asked ourselves: Is the country really ready? Are people going to step up in important ways? Are we going to be able to engage every sector” Obama said in a telephone press conference.

“But I’m proud and hopeful to say the answer has been a resounding yes. We are starting to see a fundamental shift in the conversation about how we eat, how we move and how we grow and get our food. We have seen what many called a hopeless scenario turned into hope with real solutions and some very good momentum.”

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  • bb

    I love that pic! LOL

  • Gigi Young

    I think it’s rather premature to declare this a success when it’s only one year in. But LOL at the article from BV…does anyone really think fighting obesity–not just child, but overweight people, period–is going to be as easy as getting Wal-Mart to pinky-swear they’ll cut sugars and fat from their foods, and lower their vegetable and fruit prices? Or having pep talks where the only people she’s meeting are the movers and shakers of the black community (and the photogenic black kids), and NOT the people who choose a $3 mini meal at McDonalds over cooking a can of green beans with a baked chicken breast? Or even better, simply telling people they should exercise? If it’s difficult to motivate someone who is in so-so shape to exercise, why would an overweight person, who has no experience with such a drastic lifestyle change be motivated by generic platitudes from the First Lady? I applaud Michelle for tackling this platform, but there are so many factors involved in obesity, being overweight, and having poor nutrition beyond telling big corporations to lower their sugars and fat, telling fast food places to list the calories on the menu, and telling people they should exercise X amount of days for X amount of hours each week.

    • no solidarity

      Actually the program is more than what you know about. A major component is addressing the fact that many inner cities do not have access to healthier foods. It is a much needed start. If we can at least change the course of this country it will do us a world of good.

    • steph302

      @ no solidarity
      True. I’m happy that my predominately black and latino city just got our first 2 grocery stores on my side of town. The city gave the corporations incentives to move here to help inner city residents, who might not drive, get access to healthy food choices rather than relying on the fast food restaurants and corner stores for food.

    • renee

      i think you find those issues generic because you are educated enough to know better. a big problem with being healthy is literacy and actually having knowledge and awareness programs. i think it’s important and amazing that walmart, of all corporations, are planning to reduce sugars from their food.

      it’s naive to think just doing that will change america’s problems with obesity but it’s also cynical to decide not to try because it’s “impossible.” it was also a generalization about overweight people not wanting to work out and even me, who tries to eat healthily, i can find myself wanting to get something greasy and cheap because not only is it readily made but it’s so much cheaper than buying grapes for 2.99 a pound.

      i’m not going to knock her for her work, after all what are you doing for america in terms of obesity? what am i doing for america and their obesity issues?

  • Viva Lola

    L O V E this women… Michelle is a DIAMONDt the queen GEM!!!! she answered all of Matt’s questions with grace and honesty, not a shudder or a second thought! DAM… You gotta L O V E it.. You have no choice. Michelle O… WE THE PEOPLE HAVE YOUR BACK… COME 2012 LET’S HELP THE PRESIDENT FINISH THE WORK HE STARTED!!! RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!!!

  • Emelyne

    Many politicians have tried this is in the past but the harsh reality is that many Americans are quite content in their unhealthy, obese lifestyles and I don’t think that Michelle can change that, though I respect her for trying so valiantly.