Love him or hate him, you cannot front on Kanye West’s remarkable style. The self-proclaimed “Louis Vuitton Don” has not only turned the hip-hip world on its ear, but he’s also the talk of couturiers around the globe.

Photographed by legendary fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, Yeezy literally puts his money where his mouth is on the cover of this month’s V Magazine. Ye, who’s become a poster boy for decadence (just check his diamond-crusted teeth if you had any doubts), is covering the “VMan21: The Thrill of the Game Issue,” and will be photographed in several of his own self-designed Louis Vuitton gear.

And if that wasn’t enough, one out of ten copies of the magazine will feature a genuine dollar bill hanging from Kanye’s mouth (Sidenote: I wonder how many people will rip off the plastic, take the dollar and leave the magazine?).

Despite his many missteps (and his ginormous ego), Kanye West is having a pretty great year.

Check out V Magazine’s models readying the Kanye cover. Will you be buying it?

VMAN 21 ASSEMBLY LINE from V Magazine on Vimeo.

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