From Black Voices — Monica is spreading inspiration – through the perfect manicure! The singer has reportedly teamed up with polish label Orly to create a line called “Nail Inspirations.”

Monica tells Trace TV,

“Each nail bottle will have an inspirational quote to remind women to just stay encouraged, stay focused, enjoy life and know that hard times will come in many different fashions like relationships, work, whatever it is. I always try to motivate the next person to just stay encouraged and to continue to push and strive to have the best life you can. So in something as simple as nail polish, you throw in a message like that, maybe it will brighten someones day – so that’s the next thing that’s coming.”

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  • tamar

    thank you for being different monica, usually everybody’s in a hurry to get a fragrance. not that there’s anything wrong with them having fragrances but it gets old after a while. lol

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