• Just a week after he took home a Grammy, Buju Banton was found guily in a Florida drug case. Yesterday, Buju (born Mark Myrie) was convicted of conspiracy to posses and distribute narcotics. Although he claims he was “entrapped” by a government informant (who earned over $50k by helping the feds), a jury found the singer guilty based on covert audio and video that showed Banton tasting cocaine and talking about selling drugs. Banton asserts he wasn’t trying to buy or sell drugs, but is instead guilty of being a “big talker.” [Reuters]
  • Locked and loaded. A bill is currently working its way through the Texas legislature that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Although Texas officials claim that giving students and faculty the ability to tote a gun on campus would make the campus safer (you know, in case a crazy gunman shoots up a lecture hall), many are worried the new law may be a recipe for disaster. Some victims of the Virginia Tech massacre have come forward to condemn this decision and stop the bill, but Texas seems hell bent on packing more than just books on campus. [Yahoo News]
  • Nicki Minaj covers Blackbook and gives the same scary face. No one can accuse Nicki Minaj of not knowing how to work the media. The Queens-bred rapper has been nothing short of a sensation since she stormed the scene in 2009. This week, a new photo spread for Blackbook emerged and it’s clear Nicki has taken a page from Diddy’s “Can’t stop, won’t stop” philosophy. She explains, “I can’t stop, I can’t get comfortable, I can’t take a break, a vacation..none of that.” [Bossip]
  • Queen Bey strikes again. After catching flack for allowing herself to be darkened by a French fashion rag, more pictures from the L’Officel cover shoot have hit the Internet. I’ve already said everything I’m going to say about it, so you be the judge. Are they Haute Couture or a Hot Mess? [Necole Bitchie]
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