• Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. Well, I know that’s not breaking news, but his irrational attacks on Michelle Obama continue. Today on his radio show, Rush went on a rant about the First Lady and called her a hypocrite for chowing down on ribs, while promoting a healthy diet. Rush even went so far as to say that Mrs. Obama “doesn’t look like [she] follows her own nutrition, dietary advice.” In truth, the FLOUTS had one braised short rib and an arugula salad while on a weekend trip to Colorado, but that wasn’t sensational enough for Limbaugh. Personally I think Rush is just jealous that Mrs. Obama can eat an occasional rib and still look fabulous, while he looks like he’s one meal away from bypass surgery. I’m just saying. [Jezebel]
  • What’s in a name? An Egyptian man felt so inspired by the recent protests in his country that he named his newborn daughter, Facebook. Jamal Ibrahim was so overcome with joy by the social media’s site ability to help organize the Egyptian people during their recent revolt against their government, he felt it apropos to  name his baby daughter after the site. Baby Facebook has received gifts from gifts from both friends and family, and everyone seems to love her new name. I’m just waiting on the first kid named Twitter to be born. [Huffington Post]
  • Black rappers don’t sell? Well, in a recent tweet 50 Cent told one of his fans that “no black artist is ever gonna sell like EM,” referring to his mentor Eminem. Fiddy just might be right. Since crashing the hip-hop stage the Detroit emcee has sold over 32 million albums, and has bested the Beatles to become the top-selling artist. I find it ironic that in a genre created by young Blacks and Latinos from the Bronx, the most successful artist is a white dude. [SOHH]
  • Silent is golden, and apparently live-saving in Latvia. Recently, a 43-year-old man was shot dead in a Latvian movie theater for eating his popcorn too loudly. After getting into an argument with the man sitting next to him during a screening of “Black Swan,” a 27-year-old police academy grad waited for the lights to come up then shot and killed the older man. While other moviegoers called the cops, the younger man didn’t run, he simply waited to be arrested. [The Guardian]
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