In the Black community it is no secret Atlanta has been considered the haven for black gay men. Could you imagine their intricate lives detailed in a reality show? Well you may not have to imagine any longer.

“Tha Life: Atlanta” features six men who offer a glimpse of the lives of Atlanta’s homosexual circle- much which is lived in the “down-low” circuit according to the cast. The men of the cast are claiming to be an elite group of Black men- doctors, socialites, performers and the like. They want to show how they live and how they ball. As of now the show has not been picked up by any major networks.

It will be interesting to see if this show gets picked up. I don’t mind any show showcasing LGBT brothers or sisters. But do we really need any more factors contributing to the stereotype of the down-low brothers being the cause of HIV/AIDS?

Check out the trailer here. Will you be tuning in if the show is snatched up by a network? I’m sure these chocolate men will bring the drama like no others!

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