We’ve all been there. While walking home, to work, the Laundromat, to church, or anywhere on the street, some random man calls out to you trying hard to get your attention.

If you’re lucky he says something mild mannered or even corny (pray for corny). “Good morning, beautiful,” “Hey ma,” or even “Ay shawty!” Despite being annoying because you’re just trying to get from point A to point B unnoticed, you’ll take it. Because the alternative—being called a bitch, hoe, or even being assaulted—can happen with the quickness.

Although most of us who have been victims of street harassment have just kept it moving without responding, some women have begun to fight back. From websites like IHollaBack.org and StopStreetHarassment.com to the woman on the subway going in on the man who showed her his goods, women are mad as hell at being harassed and we ain’t taking it no more.

Enter the “Catcaller Form.” The next time a man yells at you from across the street, hit him with this provocative questionnaire.

With questions like, “I catcall because I enjoy complimenting women I don’t know by treating them like pieces of meat,” or “I catcall because I like re-enforcing the cultural stereotype that men are so desperate for sex they can’t control themselves,” maybe you’ll get the street harasser to think twice about bothering you or another woman in the future.

Would you use the Catcaller Form? How do you deal with Street Harassment?

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