From Black Voices — The Mysterious Unknown Black Man has struck again!! This time he raped a nun inNew York City. This guy sure gets around. The New York Daily News is reporting that a Brooklyn nun called police last week claiming she had been sexually assaulted by a 6’4″, 250 pound black man who was around 40… no wait 50, yeah that’s the ticket, he was 50 years old.

The 26-year-old white woman claimed she was headed back to her convent (pictured above), just minding her own business, when a hulking black man ambushed her, choked her and then dragged her eight blocks (all while in her full nun’s habit), before raping her and leaving her unconscious in a snow bank. In New York, it’s been snowing a lot!

She said that when she woke up, her underwear was down and her breasts were exposed for all of God’s children to see. She called the police and told them all about what this mean black man had done to her.

Police released a sketch and put out an alert asking for the public’s help in locating this sinister, black nun-raper. The sketch looked a lot like Satan!

However, police became suspicious, finding it very hard to believe that some big black dude carrying a white unconscious nun in a full habit, would have gone unnoticed for eight blocks. Even in New York.
Meanwhile, the victim was treated at a local hospital and ultimately returned to her convent to seek counsel from her Mother Superior.

Well, Mother Superior must have dropped some serious religion on the young woman because before you could say “thou shalt not lie” the nun contacted police and recanted the entire story.

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