The Obama administration made history today, appointing the first man and openly gay man as White House Social Secretary.  The administration announced today that the job will be filled by Jeremy Bernard who currently serves as the chief of staff to the U.S. ambassador to France.

Bernard is the third person to hold the Social Secretary post since Obama took office in 2008.  The first appointment, though, remains the most notorious of them all.  Desiree Rogers, first to hold the post and first African-American to ever do so, resigned last year after a state dinner and some party crashers caused her the job.  Her replacement, Julianna Smoot stepped down this month to begin preparing for the President’s reelection campaign.

Historically, the social secretary position has been a behind the scenes gig, with the current secretary rarely mentioned.  Rogers has took her fair share of criticism for being more public facing than her predecessors, a habit it Bernard, seems likely to share.  Bernard is described by his friend and Washington Post columnist Peter Capehart as likely to “bring a certain warmth and irreverence to the job.”

The appointment comes after a week, when the Obama Administration made a public shift in its approach to the Defense of Marriage Act .  The act has been upheld as the precedent in legal decisions upholding the ban on gay marriages.

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  • generationxer

    another poltical strategy move at the expense of African-Americans
    Why is it that there are still more blacks at the White House who are carrying
    trays, and clean rooms than blacks and other people of color wearing
    suits & ties & sitting beside First Lady & Obama. Maybe outside its all post-racial(not) but inside its still seems to be pre-civil rights early 60s. When black people in my generation (as kids) when they reflected on the idea of just having a black president Some how it wasn’t like this. It should embarrassing to them that Clinton had a more diverse White House than they do now. This time the elephants in the room are not just republicans

  • Domino

    You people on here are incredibly self centered. This matters because the GLBT community is one of the most discriminated and hated groups in our country. Kids across this nation are committing suicide because they’re being bullied for being gay. They are fighting for the right to live openly in the military and the right to get married. But noooo, if they arn’t black its a front against black people. stfu and get off your high horse.

    • African Mami

      @ Domino,

      “You people on here are incredibly self centered.”

      Who is you people? Please refer to specific individuals instead of lumping us all into one pot.

    • Domino

      Lady if my statement doesn’t pertain to you then don’t worry about it.

    • Akai AGAIN!!

      @at African Mami, don’t getyour thongs in a twist – It ain’t that serious.

      I agree with PGS and Domino. One would be EXTREMELY ignorant if they did not realize sexuality plays a MAJOR role in the way people are perceived, especially those who are Homosexual. As PGS stated it is just the same as when Obama become the first person of color to become a US president. I can imagine homosexual people would find it encouraging. I cannot imagine they would find it offensive his sexuality being noted, so me as a female heterosexual person does not.

    • Lauren

      As if a lot of white gay people AREN’T self-centered?!! Look who is talking! And maybe we are STILL as you put it self-centered because we have to deal with a LOT of racist ish white people who are gay NEVER have to because they are white. Try telling that crap to Amadou Diallo,Sean Bell,Oscar Grant,Bernard Monroe,etc.!!

    • Domino


      Sweetie you are ignorant, please stop talking.

    • Lauren

      And you are delusional,full of it,and VERY arrogant and it’s a public forum a-hole I can talk if I damn well please

  • lol crazy Lauren strikes again

    • Lauren

      And annoying ass seren feels the need to say something! Right because god FORBID I don’t follow the status quo of the Negro.