The young lady who taught women how to embrace and “whip” their hair is stepping it up in the entertainment world.

She will be featured in the March issue of Teen Vogue. In the feature article, she talks about her future, fame, and the ways in which her parents raised her.

They aren’t strict. They won’t be like, ‘Willow, clean up your room!’ They’ll be like, ‘Willow, will you please clean up your room?’ And I’ll be like, ‘OK,’ and do it,” Smith said.

She also is not afraid to defy social norms.

When asked about her personal style, the singer said, “I wear anything I feel like. If I want to put on a pair of Converse with a pencil stuck through them, I will.”

You wont’ have to wait too long to see how the young girl pumps up the volume on set.

Check out this video as she shares the three things she can’t live without and what’s blaring in her headphones when she pushes play.

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